Things I’ve learned that have served me well

I had a birthday recently, and I was thinking lately about things I've learned at different stages of life. It's funny, getting older - things that seemed important or urgent when you were younger no longer matter. Things you used to fall for you now see through. I thought about the big lessons I learned … Continue reading Things I’ve learned that have served me well

Embracing villainy

I've always been more interested in villains than in heroes. A well-written, complex villain is thrilling - I'm drawn to stories in which the villain is sympathetic, or relatable, or has moments where you understand the reasoning behind their villainy, or there's something about them that draws you in and makes you want to know … Continue reading Embracing villainy

Notes from a writer in liver failure

My situation isn't dire - let me start out by saying that. Evasive action has been taken to prevent a complete and utter biological collapse. Perhaps I should say liver crisis, as opposed to failure, as a crisis can potentially be averted. Failure seems so final. If nothing else, it's a warning, a reminder that … Continue reading Notes from a writer in liver failure

Out of the Darkness

The ancient Celts believed in the thinning of the veil, which is a thinning of the separation between the physical and metaphysical/spiritual realms. This is canonically thought to happen in the October timeframe, Samhain, the beginning of the darker part of the year, the time of the harvest, the mid-point between autumn equinox and winter … Continue reading Out of the Darkness