The return of the romantic friendship?

I've been reading a lot about women's history - lesbians, flappers, the odd renegade - including romantic friendships, which were a trend in centuries past when gender was binary in a way that we are slowly evolving out of today. A romantic friendship prior to the late 1800s was usually a relationship between two young … Continue reading The return of the romantic friendship?

The thing that took me 40 years to say out loud

I've known this internally for a while, and was massively stressing out about how and where and when to say it, but it was only fairly recently that I finally burst and finally just said it - I'm asexual. More specifically, a panromantic asexual, and even more specifically, a panromantic asexual who lingers near the … Continue reading The thing that took me 40 years to say out loud

Extraordinary Eruptions of Information

The interminable humorist and philosopher, Douglas Adams, once said: “For us, there is no longer a fundamental mystery about Life. It is all the process of extraordinary eruptions of information, and it is information which gives us this fantastically rich, complex world in which we live.” Have we lost mystery? Is there a difference between … Continue reading Extraordinary Eruptions of Information