I stand with trans people.

What is happening in Texas is not about "child abuse" - it's about oppression and erasure. More states are passing anti-trans and anti-lgbt laws. Texas and Florida are not outliers. What can you do? Speak up. Raise awareness. Vote. Challenge bigotry when you hear and see it. Volunteer with pro-queer organizations. Donate money to organizations … Continue reading I stand with trans people.

What it feels like to shiver

Last night as I drove home from my writing class, there was a gentle, lackadaisical snow falling in Denver. The restaurant and microbrewery patios were empty. The homeless had taken shelter somewhere - at least I hope they did - as the temperature dropped. Less people roamed the sidewalks. It was quiet, in that beautiful … Continue reading What it feels like to shiver

“The problem is, these women look normal.”

It's an eerie day in Colorado as we greeted the arrival of our second bomb cyclone. The day started rainy, gray, and foggy with an impending sense of doom and eventually turned to a heavy wet snow which is much more appropriate for a bleak midwinter than an early spring. The gloomy weather hanging over … Continue reading “The problem is, these women look normal.”

Constructing identities

I spent some time at the Denver Art Museum last week, and one of the current exhibits is a landscape exhibit which, according to the DAM, will show how various artists have blurred "the distinction between 'observed' and 'constructed' imagery." Observed vs. constructed is an interesting binary. Has the artist who took this simple (yet … Continue reading Constructing identities