“Swear not by the moon”

If there's one thing literature through the ages has been clear about, it's that fortune is fickle. Changeable. Mischievous. Shakespeare knew it in the late 1500s, when he has Juliet beg Romeo to "Swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon, That monthly changes her circle orb, Lest that they love prove likewise variable." The … Continue reading “Swear not by the moon”

Little glimpses of defiance

The Denver Art Museum really is a treasure. There's a cool exhibit there called Stampede that's all about animals in art, and there's a fairy tale section, because animals feature heavily in many fairy tales. This is my favorite piece... It's one of the pieces I stopped and stared at the first time I saw … Continue reading Little glimpses of defiance

Transcendental confusion

I was in high school when I first read Walt Whitman. I remember being introduced to the idea of Transcendentalism, finding something about it intriguing, and liking something I read by Whitman. He's lumped in with both the Transcendentalists and Romantics, but if you think of Transcendentalism as the American spin on Romanticism, or as … Continue reading Transcendental confusion