“The problem is, these women look normal.”

It's an eerie day in Colorado as we greeted the arrival of our second bomb cyclone. The day started rainy, gray, and foggy with an impending sense of doom and eventually turned to a heavy wet snow which is much more appropriate for a bleak midwinter than an early spring. The gloomy weather hanging over … Continue reading “The problem is, these women look normal.”

Little glimpses of defiance

The Denver Art Museum really is a treasure. There's a cool exhibit there called Stampede that's all about animals in art, and there's a fairy tale section, because animals feature heavily in many fairy tales. This is my favorite piece... It's one of the pieces I stopped and stared at the first time I saw … Continue reading Little glimpses of defiance

The role I never wanted to play

I've been contemplating a bit why people who have chronic invisible illnesses really hate being told that we don't look sick. It's about performance.  It's about identity, and how we perform those identities. I have a chronic illness. I have an immune system that's gone haywire. It can't be fixed, it can only be managed.  … Continue reading The role I never wanted to play

“The closing walls and the ticking clocks”

Studies have shown that there's a powerful link between scent and memory. I have personally found this to be profoundly true. One breath in and suddenly I'm transported into the past. I have smell triggers. Lilies remind me of funerals. The smell of matches reminds me of burning candles late at night in my room … Continue reading “The closing walls and the ticking clocks”

Transcendental confusion

I was in high school when I first read Walt Whitman. I remember being introduced to the idea of Transcendentalism, finding something about it intriguing, and liking something I read by Whitman. He's lumped in with both the Transcendentalists and Romantics, but if you think of Transcendentalism as the American spin on Romanticism, or as … Continue reading Transcendental confusion