Music to write novels to

Do any other artists find that creating is easier with the right music? I have extensive playlists named after various characters that I use when I need to get into a particular character’s point of view. I have playlists that elicit setting for me in some way. And I have some that simply evoke a feeling or stimulate me in some other way.

I’ve found that the song Current by Phoria triggers montages in my head that I can then translate into words. I’ve got this on repeat right now.

In fact, I find Phoria’s Caught a Black Rabbit album to be great background music in general (my mind wanders if it’s too silent) – but something about Current catches me every time I hear it. It has a movement to it, a build up and a sort of undulation that seems to mesh well how my mind works – and with the type of story I’m writing.

When I hear this piece, I hear storms, I see waves, I feel people trying to figure out how the flow together.

What pieces inspire you?

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