Look at this amazing little creature…

It’s called a Katydid. There were several of them on the sidewalk and I stopped and sat with them. They didn’t seem spooked by my presence. They posed for photos. We chilled for a while as I admired how absolutely gorgeous they are. How elegant.

Seeing these little guys just made me so happy. Just being able to enjoy them for a few minutes, to admire them, to think about how beautiful and clever and complex nature is…it was a nice feeling.

I’m trying to remember to stop and appreciate little things. Cool air, afternoon thunderstorms, unexpected katydids, the birds fighting over the birdfeeder, how my little dog curls up next to me any time I sit down to write, how the first thing she does every morning is bring me her ball.

There’s a lot going on. These little things, these little moments…they help.

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