We have to do better

The U.S. election has just been called for Biden/Harris, and I’m definitely relieved. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done in this country, and having a Biden/Harris administration will make that work somewhat easier to do.

But unfortunately, this country has opened up the closet and pushed out all the skeletons. Our true colors came out this week, and they’re not pretty.

We now know that racism is not only not a dealbreaker for many white Americans, it’s actually a dealmaker.

We learned that many white people have learned nothing from recent social justice movements, and doubled down in a big way to maintain white supremacy – and not just maintain it, but vote in a person and a party who proudly declare their hate and bigotry in a myriad of direct and indirect ways. An administration that conspired to tear families apart and put children in cages. An administration that encourages its followers to violence.

We saw once again that white women will vote to maintain white supremacy, even if it means supporting blatant sexism and misogyny.

Those of us who are white and consider ourselves anti-racist need to do more. We need to keep amplifying voices of people of color, while taking other white people to task. When people of color are treated poorly, we have to leverage our privilege to demand justice, equality, and reparations.

And we have to keep looking at ourselves, and ways in which we contribute to a racist system – even when we don’t mean to – and think about what we can to do start to dismantle that – even in small ways.

A Biden/Harris administration isn’t going to solve these problems.

Biden being elected doesn’t mean all the problems will go away.

Trump and his ilk have exposed what was always there, what many white people didn’t see. I admit, I was one of those white people for a long time. Now that we’ve seen it, we can’t go back to cocooning ourselves. We can’t go back to assuming that everything is somehow okay.

This country is pretty fucking far from okay. We’re so far from okay that the light from okay won’t reach us for about a million light years.

A lot of people in this country voted for an openly racist, misogynistic man who has done nothing to control a major pandemic and has even suggested that it’s okay if people die – or lied about people dying – all to maintain white supremacy. All because they like his bluster, his rudeness, his pettiness.

A lot of people in this country mistake bullying for strength. They mistake toxic masculinity for leadership.

And they clearly showed their neighbors and the world that what really matters is white supremacy.

Fellow white people – we need to do more. We need to do better.

The election of Biden gives me a bit of hope that the job we face will be perhaps a bit easier with an administration that will listen to scientists and medical experts, that will (I hope) also listen to people of color, that will behave with grace and dignity on the public stage.

But damn. DAMN. White people…we have to do better.

One thought on “We have to do better

  1. Well expressed post, and I totally agree with what you are saying. America is far from “ok” just because a better leader has now been elected, considering that so many still chose to vote Trump (and that he was elected beforehand). It is important for white people to unite and learn to recognise any prejudices which they have for things to really start to advance, so that 2016 doesn’t repeat itself.

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