I’ve lived in Colorado for a long time, and for much of that time, condensation on glasses wasn’t something that necessarily happened all the time. That requires humidity. And as anyone who lives in a humid state knows, a glass of ice water will quickly begin to rain water droplets down its side when exposed to humid air.

But not here. Not until recently. Now, due to shifts in the climate, we get more rain, and it’s becoming more humid.

And now, when I pick up my water glass during the day, the outside is wet.

It’s an interesting contrast to the heat dome they say we’re in now. They say it will be hot and dry and long and intense. Maybe my glasses will go dry again.. Maybe everything that’s lush and green right now will start to turn brown, as it usually does in the summer. Maybe the wildfires will get more intense.

The world has been irrevocably changed. Some days, that feels heavy. Other days, it fuels my fight.

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